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Maximizing Legacy Equity Valuation

NewMarket Strategies provides a proven, systematic scan of the universe of strategic business opportunities and threats.

Combing thoughtful analysis, we create a practical, reality-based implementation program for attaining client market leadership.

About NewMarket Strategies:

NewMarket Strategies is a regional leader in providing industrial-strength business intelligence and strategy services clearly aimed at generating client market growth.

Utilizing our proprietary "Market Leadership System," NewMarket provides clients with the practical plans to grow their business through identification of highly targeted expansion opportunities, mergers & acquisitions, and financial optimization.

For over 20 years, NewMarket has specialized in the needs of mid-market and closely-held manufacturing, distribution, technology & service businesses.

Meet The Founder:

Though Tom Sopchak has consulted with over 100 companies and generated tens of millions of dollars for his clients since 1995, he would not describe himself as a typical "consultant."

While a BA in Economics from St. Lawrence University, an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Clarkson University, and a Ph.D in Organizational Development and Information Science from Syracuse University certainly gave him a great foundation from which to build upon, his experience and methods extend far beyond the theoretical or academic. Through a myriad of synergistic interactions with mid-sized, closely-held companies, Tom's approach has evolved throughout the years into something truly special---A unique process which incorporates the client's best experience with the realities and knowledge of the external environment.

Tom has spent his entire career in the trenches helping real companies with real problems, and only by consistently crafting situation-specific solutions for real results has Tom been able to enjoy 25 fruitful years in the field as a highly respected and trusted collaborator.

Selected Clients:

  • Alpha ProTech
  • Armstrong World Industries
  • B.G. Sulzle, INC
  • BF Goodrich
  • Carlisle Corp.
  • Dielectric Laboratories
  • Dover Corporation
  • Garlock
  • Gorbel
  • Hebeler
  • Hoffman Air & Filtration
  • Invensys
  • Knowlton Technologies
  • The Marmon Group
  • Mettler Toldedo
  • Osmose
  • Pass & Seymour
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Seneca Data
  • Tensolite
  • Uitca Boilers
  • Utica Corporation
  • WelchAllyn

Proven Results:

  • Sustainable Growth
  • Reduced Risk
  • Competetive Advantage
  • Successful Acquisitions
  • Improved Financial Structure
  • Expanded Legacy Value